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It seems that the realms of Peter Parker and Mary-Jane have moved from the confinements of their comic and Hollywood counterparts to our beloved casinos with their latest release – the Spiderman Slot Machine. Ever since 2002 when the first ‘instalment’ of Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst films were shot, till the more recent re-filming and darker reinvention of the story with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone … the Spiderman franchise has gone from success to ever more success.

Despite the slot machine playing more to the original comic and cartoon series style effects, it does have all of the necessary ingredients to make it an all-time great. With expanding Spiderman features turning all of Reel 3’s symbols wild, scatter symbols that offer 2 fantastic bonuses and of course all your favourite characters (good and bad) from Venom to Mary Jane, Peter Parkers’ camera to Spiderman himself, you are sure to have a great time playing on the Spiderman Slot.

Aside from the bonus rounds, you have the chance to trigger the Spiderman expanding feature which is triggered when the Spiderman symbols appear on reels 2 and 4. Once you have earned from all your current wins, the whole middle reel turns wild and any additional winning combinations are paid out and added to your total win for that spin.

Some casinos actually limit the maximum bet to £100 when you stake the maximum on each of the 25 pay-lines, but for the most part it seems that the maximum of £125 is allowed at the casinos, with £5 per line the most popular.


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Bonus Rounds

There are actually two bonus rounds on offer on the Spiderman Slot, both triggered when you achieve 3 or more Spiderman Scatter symbols appearing left to right on the screen (not anywhere on the screen randomly).

You get the choice of opting for the ‘Venom feature’ or the ‘Spiderman feature’ at this point.

· The Venom Feature: Chase Venom through the city fighting bad guys and earning money while you do it. As you swing from place to place, choosing left or right in an effort to find Venom, you can enjoy nice pay-outs as you beat all the ‘baddies,’ get a consolation payment should you stumble across a dead-end … or if you are lucky enough to find Venom … get either a victory or consolation prize based on the outcome of your ‘mock’ fight. On our first attempt at this feature, we found Venom quickly, beat him and enjoyed a comfortable £1,900 – although this included the original win combination pay-out.

· The Spiderman Feature: Choose to receive 15 free spins with all wins doubled. Additional Spiderman symbols (wilds) are also added to the 2nd and 4th reel to increase your wins – although it is important to note this cannot trigger the expanding Spiderman feature during the bonus round.

The Marvel Jackpot

As if the Spiderman Slot Machine wasn’t offering enough to tempt you, you can enjoy the chance of winning over $100,000 on the Marvel Jackpot board. Should you randomly find yourself transported to a 4×5 board with hidden symbols on it, feel free to keep clicking until you find three that match. The three that you manage to find will in turn match one of the 4 Jackpot options – and you will receive anything from $50 (should you get the baby Jackpot), up to $100,000+ (should you hit the largest one).

Whatever the case may be, the Spiderman Slot game has it all, and we have chosen some of our favorite places for you to play it at. So why not pick one or even a few and have a go today.


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