Spiderman slot is a Superhero slot

This slot machine is one of the many that feature a superhero. The Spiderman slot is themed on this superhero from Marvel comics and Hollywood fame and shares some of the excitement that always seems to surround him. The excitement that Spiderman is always surrounded by is provided by the super villains that he is […]

This Slot Features Spiderman and Venom

Although this slot is themed on Spiderman, Venom, a villain, is also featured. With both a good and a bad character featured on the Spiderman slot machine, the game is exciting and full of action especially if you trigger the bonus round and opt to play Venom’s bonus round. There are two bonus rounds featured […]

Swing into Action on this Slot

In one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, you swing into action, swinging through the streets, as Spiderman, pursuing a villain. The Spiderman slot has two bonus rounds but as they are triggered in the same way and by getting at least 3 of the same symbols, each time that they are triggered, […]

Fill Your Web with Wins on this Slot

This slot machine which is based on the superhero character Spiderman has a lot of wins available so you may need a web to carry them in. The Spiderman slot has symbols on the reels that are reflective of their theme and include Spiderman, his arch enemy Venom, plus other objects related to the Spiderman […]

Be Good or Bad or this Slot

When it comes to triggering the two bonus rounds on this slot machine, as they are triggered in the same way, you get a choice of which one you would like to play. On the Spiderman slot, one of the bonus rounds is called the Spiderman bonus and the other is the Venom bonus and […]

Villains Win Bonuses on this Slot Machine

For each villain that you spot in one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, you will receive an extra cash bonus. The Spiderman slot is themed on the superhero of Marvel comic fame that later became a series of Hollywood blockbusters. In each of these hero’s stories whether it is in the comic […]

Swing into Some Wins on this Slot Machine

Whilst playing this slot machine it is possible to find yourself swinging through the streets as Spiderman and picking up some wins on your way, but only if you trigger, and play, the relevant bonus round. On the Spiderman slot, there are two bonus rounds, the Spiderman bonus round and the Venom bonus round, named […]

You Can Swing through the Streets on this Slot

This slot machine follows the adventures of the super hero character, Spiderman. The Spiderman slot is follow up to, first the appearance of Spiderman in Marvel comics and then later in the movies of Hollywood. Where ever this character goes, action follows and this slot machine is no exception. Venom, Spiderman’s arch enemy also appears […]

Swinging through the Streets on Spiderman Slot

On this slot machine there is one bonus round that will require you to swing through the streets. In this bonus round, one of two on Spiderman slot, you are to play the role of Spiderman and swing through the streets in pursuit of Venom his arch enemy. Spiderman This slot machine is themed on […]

Spiderman Slot has an Expanding Wild

An expanding wild feature on this slot machine can turn all the symbols on the 3rd reel, to wilds. On Spiderman slot this feature will turn all of reel 3 into wilds when you get the Spiderman symbol on reels 2 and 4. The machine also has two bonus rounds available. Bonus Rounds Although having two […]