A Villain Helps you win on these Slots

Posted on September 19, 2014

spiderman slotOn these slot machines, it is a famous villain that may help you to win. When you play Spiderman slots, which are based on the Superhero Spiderman from Marvel comics and Hollywood movies, one of his arch enemies is also on the slot, the enemy is Venom and he has his own bonus round that could be very lucrative for you, if you can play Spiderman well.

As well as Venom having a bonus round, Spiderman has one too and somewhat unusually, both the bonus rounds are triggered in the same way which means that they are both triggered at the same time and so each time that they are; you get to choose which one to play.

The Spiderman bonus round is a simple 15 free spin round with extra wilds placed on the reels and all wins being paid double but the Venom bonus round is more complex. In the Venom bonus round you are to assume the role of Spiderman and chase Venom and whilst you are swinging through the streets after him, if you spot any other villains you will be paid bonuses. Unfortunately though, if you inadvertently enter a dead end the round will end and so be careful. If you are able to catch Venom you will then have to engage him in a fight and so, the total winnings for this round will depend on how many extra villains you spot, if you catch Venom or not, plus the outcome of the fight but if you do well in all of these things, the rewards can be quite lucrative.

There are of course other ways to win on these slot machines but what most players hope to win, does not appear on the reels as it is a randomly allotted Marvel jackpot. As Spiderman once graced the pages of Marvel comics, these slot machines are part of a Marvel franchise of slots that consist of all the machines inspired by characters from the comic and part of that franchise is that they share four very high paying progressive jackpots.

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