A Web of Wins When you Play Spiderman Slots

Posted on April 11, 2013

spiderman slotThere are so many ways to win on this game that it as if the winnings are being spun like a web, ever increasing in a pattern of joy. Play Spiderman slots and see that it isn’t just the regular spins that you can win on but also on bonus rounds and even get to choose your own jackpot.

When you play Spiderman slots, you will see that all the symbols are based on characters from the movie, although the game itself probably mimics more closely to the original Marvel comic. All the characters that you would expect are there, both the good ones like Spiderman plus the villains like Doctor Octopus.

The excitement of Spiderman has been shared with both young and old. The old through the thrilling pages of the Marvel comics and by the young through the more modern movie but whether you are one of these or not, you certainly will share in his excitement when you play Spiderman slots.

The regular game, although exciting enough, is joined by bonus features which will have you swinging from building to building looking for Spiderman’s arch enemies and an increase in your credits.

Bonus Rounds
When you play Spiderman Slots you have the opportunity to reach three bonus rounds, all of which are attained by getting three scatters left to right on the same line.

The Venom feature is one of the bonus rounds and during this you find yourself swinging through the city, left or right in search of the bad guys. Of course you get wins for any that you find but you will also receive consolation prizes if you come across a dead end.

The Spiderman feature awards you 15 free spins during which time extra wilds are added and any wins are doubled.

The last of the bonus features is the Marvel Jackpot board. In this round you will be given the opportunity to select three matching jackpot signals and if you are successful, which ever of the four jackpots you matched, is what you win.
Many slots are exciting and give you the chance to seemingly get away from your usual surroundings but when you join Peter Parker and play Spiderman slots, the thrills really are non-stop.