Be a Superhero on This Slot

Posted on May 17, 2014

spiderman slotAt one point whilst playing this slot machine, you may get the opportunity to be a real superhero. In one of the bonus rounds when you play Spiderman slot, you have to play the role of Spiderman and swinging through the streets, chase a villain. This slot is themed on the popular superhero that once graced the pages of marvel comics and so the symbols on the reels acknowledge that by being objects recognizable from the movies in which the character also starred. Wherever Spiderman goes, there always seems to be a super villain near at hand and in the case of this slot machine, the villain is Venom, an arch enemy of the swinging, web clinging hero.

The slot machine has an exciting theme and is itself, very exciting and probably the most exciting part of it is the bonus round, or rounds. There are two bonus rounds on this slot machine, the Spiderman bonus round and the Venom bonus round but as both rounds are triggered in the same way, each time they are triggered, you get to choose which of them you would prefer to play. The Spiderman bonus round awards you 15 free spins after extra wilds have been added to reels 2 and 4. Also in this round, all wins obtained during the free spins, will pay double. It is in the Venom bonus round where you are to play the role of Spiderman and swing through the streets in pursuit of Venom. As you are swinging through the streets you must keep your eyes open for two reasons, firstly if you see any other villains on your way, you can earn extra winds but the second reason is probably the most important, if you enter a dead end street, the round will come to an abrupt end. Obviously though, if you can catch Venom then a big win awaits you, especially if you were also able to beat him in the mock fight that would ensue.

Whilst playing this slot you could also be allotted the chance to play for the very high paying Marvel progressive jackpots.

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