Play Spiderman Slot and Join in Jackpots

Posted on January 17, 2014

spiderman slotAs Spiderman, the character on whom this slot is themed, appeared in Marvel comics, when you play this slot machine you can join other players of other Marvel themed slots, in hoping to receive a Marvel progressive jackpot. All the slot machines that have been themed on characters that appeared in Marvel share four common progressive jackpots and so when you play Spiderman slot, you could win one of these very high paying progressives. As all the machines share in the same jackpots, they not only grow quicker but also grow larger than most other jackpots, making those machines that share in them very popular with players who look for the higher paying jackpots.

Bonus Rounds
Spiderman is an exciting theme to have for a slot machine but playing the machine is made even more exciting by there being two action packed bonus rounds from which you can choose. The two bonus rounds on this slot machine are called the Spiderman bonus and the Venom bonus. Spiderman is of course the hero and Venom is an arch enemy of his that often features in Spiderman adventures. Both these bonus rounds, unusually, are triggered in the same manner, meaning that they are both triggered at the same time, leaving you a decision as to which one to play. Although they are both exciting and both contain the potential to pay you big winnings, they are different in the way they play.

At the start of the Spiderman bonus round extra wild symbols are added to the 2nd and 4th reels to improve your chances of winning and then you are awarded 15 free spins to try and take advantage of the extra wilds. If you do win on this round, every win that you achieve will pay out double.

In the Venom bonus round you are Spiderman pursuing Venom by swinging through the streets. The objective is of course to catch venom but you can pick up extra wins along the way by spotting other villains. Although the round can end if you enter a dead end, hopefully it will only end when you catch Venom and receive your main win.

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