Play Spiderman Slots and be Guaranteed a Jackpot Win

Posted on October 24, 2013

spiderman slotWhen you play these slot machines, you are guaranteed a jackpot win but only if you are randomly awarded entry into the Marvel Jackpot round. When you play Spiderman slots you are playing a slot machine that was inspired by a superhero from Marvel comics. These are not the only slot machines to have been based on heroes from the comic and these along with the others, have combined to share common progressive jackpots. A special Marvel jackpot round was therefore created and is randomly awarded to be played on one of the participating machines. So, when you play Spiderman Slots or any of the other participating machines, once you are awarded entry into this special round there is no doubt that you will win a jackpot and you only play the round to determine which of the four shared jackpots it is that you have won.

Bonus Rounds
Of course you can’t just play Spiderman Slots and hope that you are randomly selected to take part in the special Marvel jackpot round and so there are also two exciting bonus rounds to play. In a somewhat unusual fashion for slot machines, both these bonus rounds are triggered in the same way and so you can gain entry to both of them at the same time. Obviously though, you can’t play two at once and so you have to decide which to play and the choices are between the Venom round and the Spiderman round.

When you play Spiderman Slots, the Spiderman bonus round is a round of 15 free spins which can of course assist you in winning big. The Venom bonus round has you, as Spiderman, swinging through the streets chasing Venom, Spiderman’s arch enemy. As you swing through these streets, if you see any criminals, you will be awarded a win for each one but be careful that you don’t swing into a dead end as that will bring a dead end to the round also. If you catch up to Venom, a further win will be granted you depending on the outcome of the mock fight that follows the chase.