Play Spiderman Slots but Avoid Dead Ends

Posted on February 01, 2014

play spiderman slotOn these slot machines there are two bonus rounds and although both the rounds have the potential to be very lucrative, one of them could come to a premature end by you inadvertently entering a dead end. When you play Spiderman slots, you will get a choice of two bonus rounds to play and if you choose the Venom bonus round, you will be Spiderman swinging through the streets in chase of Venom your arch enemy. Hopefully you will catch up with him but if, during the chase, you should enter a dead end, the round will also end and Venom will get away. During the chase though, whether you catch Venom or not, you would have had the opportunity to pick up some extra wins as, if you spotted any other villains on your way, you would have been paid bonuses for each one. It is better though if you can avoid the dead ends and catch Venom, at which time you will have a mock fight with him, the result of which will determine the amount of your win.

Spiderman Bonus
The Spiderman bonus round is triggered in the same way as the Venom bon us and so that is why you will have the choice of which one to play. The Spiderman bonus adds wilds to reels 2 and 4 before awarding you 15 free spins and although this round cannot be retriggered, it does pay double on any wins.

Most people like to see high paying jackpots available to be won when they play a slot machine and as Spiderman appeared in Marvel comics, these slots can offer some, four to be exact. These slot machines have joined with other slot machines that are based on characters that appeared in Marvel comics and now share in four progressive jackpots. This means that as these slots pay into these shared jackpots, when you play them, you could randomly be appointed the Marvel jackpot round which is responsible for paying out the jackpots evenly between each of the participating machines.

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