Swinging through the Streets on Spiderman Slot

Posted on March 08, 2014

spiderman slotOn this slot machine there is one bonus round that will require you to swing through the streets. In this bonus round, one of two on Spiderman slot, you are to play the role of Spiderman and swing through the streets in pursuit of Venom his arch enemy.

This slot machine is themed on the character Spiderman that having appeared in Marvel comics progressed to appear in Hollywood movies. Regardless of where he appears though, his appearance means action and excitement. In all his appearances he is always trying to fight against crime and one of the biggest villains that he comes across is Venom. This slot machine takes up their continued battles and in fact allows you to choose sides. There are two bonus rounds on this machine but in a somewhat unusual fashion for a slot machine, they are both triggered in the same way meaning, you as the player are permitted to choose which of the two bonus rounds you would prefer to play.

Bonus Rounds
The first choice of bonus round is the Venom round and this is the round that sees you in pursuit of Venom. As you swing through the streets, first going left or right and then changing direction, watch out for any other villains as they can earn you some bonus credits but be wary not to enter a dead end, as that will end the round prematurely. Hopefully you will avoid all the dead ends and notice a coupe of villains on your way to catching up with Venom, when a mock fight will occur and the outcome of the fight will determine your win.

The second choice of bonus rounds is the Spiderman round. In this round you are given 15 free spins where extra wilds have been added and an expanding wilds feature is in play, also all wins are doubled.

As Spiderman is one of the Marvel comic superheroes, when you play this slot machine you qualify to win one of the popular and high paying, Marvel progressive jackpots.

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