Villain Joins Superhero on these Slots

Posted on January 17, 2015

Play Spiderman slots at Gala casinoAlthough these slot machines are themed on the adventures of a superhero, a villain plays an equally important role. When you play Spiderman slots, obviously Spiderman, the superhero from marvel comics and Hollywood movies, is the hero but his arch enemy Venom is the villain. Both of these characters play a major role in as to whether you win or not because they both have their own bonus rounds and they allow you to choose which one you play. The two bonus rounds are triggered at the same time, in the same way and so each time that you trigger them, it is you that gets to choose which one will be played at that time.

Choosing the Spiderman bonus round will mean that you will be awarded 15 free spins during which time, if you get a win using one of the wild symbols, the win’s pay out amount will be doubled. Alternatively, if you opt to play the Venom bonus round you will have to don your Spiderman suit and be prepared to swing through the streets in pursuit of Venom. Whilst swinging side to side through the streets, if you spot any other villains you will qualify for extra bonuses but be careful because inadvertently entering a dead end street, will bring early closure to the round, allowing Venom to escape. If you manage to stay the distance and catch him though, the two of you will lock up in a mock fight, the outcome of which, added to any bonuses for spotting additional villains, will decide how much your winnings are for this round.

Whilst playing these slots it is possible to be awarded one of four progressive jackpots as the slots are part of the marvel franchise of slots that share four progressive jackpots which are very high paying and paid out at random. The franchise is made up of all the slot machines that feature marvel characters as their main theme and as they are exciting and popular, they make great themes for exciting and suspenseful slot machines.

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