Villains Pay Bonuses on these Slots

Posted on July 01, 2014

spiderman slotsIn one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines, the more villains that you spot, the more bonuses you can win and I’m sure you won’t mind an extra bonus regardless of its source. When you play Spiderman slots and decide on the Venom bonus round, you will find yourself swinging through the streets as Spiderman, in pursuit of Venom and it is during this chase that you can earn some extra bonuses from the villains. For every additional villain you spot on the streets, you will receive an extra bonus regardless of whether or not you catch Venom. The reason why you may not catch him is that if you should inadvertently enter a dead end street, the round will suddenly end but if you do catch him, a mock fight between the two of you will take place and the better that you fare in that fight, the ,ore you will win.

There are two bonus rounds on these slots though and the other bonus round is called the Spiderman bonus round which, although it may be a little less energetic, it can be just as lucrative. On these slots some of the symbols include Spiderman, Mary Jane, Pater parker and his camera and it is the Spiderman symbol that is a wild. When the Spiderman bonus round first starts, extra Spiderman symbols are added to reels 2 and 4, making more wilds on the reels and therefore the wins easier to find. The round will then continue by giving you 15 free spins to play.

As both these bonus rounds are triggered when you get three or more of the scatter symbols showing on the reels, it is you that gets to decide which of the two bonus rounds you wish to play each time they are triggered.

As Spiderman featured in Marvel comics, these slots automatically became part of the Marvel franchise of slot machines which is made up of all the slots inspired by the characters in the comics. These slots share four jackpots that are randomly paid out by one of the machines and so you too could win one of these extremely high jackpots.

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