Villains Win Bonuses on this Slot Machine

Posted on May 07, 2014

spiderman slotFor each villain that you spot in one of the bonus rounds on this slot machine, you will receive an extra cash bonus. The Spiderman slot is themed on the superhero of Marvel comic fame that later became a series of Hollywood blockbusters. In each of these hero’s stories whether it is in the comic or in the movie, there is always one of Spiderman’s arch enemies not far away and on these slots the super villain is Venom who can actually afford you as much chance of winning as the hero himself.

Both Spiderman and Venom have their own bonus rounds on this slot machine and as they are both triggered together, you get to choose which one you would perhaps prefer to play. In the Spiderman bonus round you will be awarded 15 free spins but before the free spins start to roll, extra Spiderman wild symbols will be added to reels 2 and 4 to improve your chances of winning. In the Venom bonus round you are to assume the role of Spiderman and swing through the streets in hot pursuit of Venom. It is in this round, as you are swinging through the streets, where if you notice any other villains on them, you will be awarded an extra bonus for each one that you spot but be careful, if you inadvertently enter a dead end street, it will also bring a dead end to the round. Assuming that you are able to avoid any dead ends and you successfully catch up to Venom, you will have to have a mock fight with him to earn the most winnings, by winning.

As Spiderman appeared in marvel comics it qualifies this slot machine to be part of the Marvel franchise. All slot machines inspired by superheroes in marvel comics are automatically entered into the franchise which shares four progressive jackpots. As these jackpots are shared, they can build up to some very high paying pay outs and so if when you play this slot, you randomly win one of these four jackpots, you too, will feel like a superhero.

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