You Can Swing through the Streets on this Slot

Posted on March 28, 2014

spiderman slotThis slot machine follows the adventures of the super hero character, Spiderman. The Spiderman slot is follow up to, first the appearance of Spiderman in Marvel comics and then later in the movies of Hollywood. Where ever this character goes, action follows and this slot machine is no exception. Venom, Spiderman’s arch enemy also appears on this slot machine and he can assist you in getting wins as much as Spiderman can. There are two bonus rounds available on this slot machine but somewhat unusually, they are triggered in the same manner, meaning that when you trigger the bonus round by getting at least 3 of the scatter symbols in a line, you can choose which of the two bonus rounds to play, the Spiderman bonus round or the Venom bonus round.

Spiderman Bonus Round
The Spiderman bonus round consists of 15 free spins during which all wins are doubled but to assist you getting those wins, there are also extra wild symbols added to reels 2 and 4.

Venom Bonus Round
This round is perhaps a little more adventurous but can also result in some big wins. In this round you play the part of Spiderman, swinging left and right through the streets chasing after Venom. During this chase though, you must stay vigilant because although spotting other villains along the way can earn you extra wins, entering a dead end can bring an end to the round. Your ultimate win on this round is when you catch Venom and will be bigger if you can defeat him in the mock fight that catching him starts.

Although this slot machine does not have an actual jackpot of its own, there are four very high paying progressives that can be won whilst playing it. Because Spiderman appeared in marvel comics, this slot machine qualifies in joining other Marvel inspired slots, to share in four Marvel progressive jackpots. The advantages of having jackpots that are shared are the facts that they can attain larger payouts which can be replenished quicker. The jackpots are then paid out randomly by each of the machines.

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