A Choice of Bonus on Spiderman Slot

Posted on August 15, 2013

spiderman slotsToday it is usual for a modern slot machine to offer you a bonus round in which you can usually earn more than in regular play. In a somewhat unique feature though, the Spiderman slot has two bonus rounds which are both triggered in the same way and the reason for this is that the game offers you the choice of which of the bonus rounds that you want to play.

The first of the bonus rounds that you can choose from on the Spiderman Slot is called the Spiderman bonus and consists of 15 free spins with all wins being doubled.

The second choice of bonus rounds on the Spiderman Slot is called the Venom bonus. This round entails you, as Spiderman, to chase Venom through the streets. You have to swing from left to right entering streets looking for him. If during your chase you happen on any other villains, you will receive a win for each one. The round should continue until you catch Venom and then the full win on the bonus round will depend on the outcome of your mock fight. There is a possibility though, that the round could be cut short. This happens if, during the chase, you enter a dead end; that will end the round.

Spiderman Slot
The Spiderman Slot is based on the movie Spiderman and so the symbols on the reels reflect that and the graphics and soundtrack have been carefully designed to make you think that you really are there with Spiderman. Although the Spiderman Slot is based on the movie, Spiderman originally appeared on the pages of Marvel comics and so joins other popular slots that are Marvel inspired.

These slot machines, like Spiderman Slot, that have been inspired and based on characters that appeared in Marvel comics, have clubbed together to share jackpots. There are four of these jackpots and they are all progressives, which can be won via a special randomly triggered jackpot round, from any of the Marvel slots, meaning that when you play Spiderman Slot, you could win one of these very lucrative progressive jackpots.

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