Catch Venom on Spiderman Slots

Posted on August 25, 2013

spiderman slotVenom is an arch enemy of Spiderman and so it is only fitting that he too appears on these slot machines. The Spiderman slots are themed on Spiderman who is a popular fictional hero who, having first appeared in Marvel comics became a box office success courtesy of Hollywood.

The fictional story of Spiderman is about a boy who accidently got bitten by a spider and then started to adopt some of the spider’s characteristics and abilities. Upon consideration, the boy decides to make himself a suitable suit which he wears whilst using his newly found powers to fight crime. To help the players of the Spiderman slots to get into the right frame of mind to become Spiderman, the slot’s reels symbols are of characters from the movie or objects that are familiar from the movie. To make this atmosphere seem more realistic, the producers of the Spiderman slots have made excellent use of some outstanding graphics, plus clips from the movie are shown whilst the game is in play.

Bonus Rounds
Unusually, the Spiderman slots offer two bonus rounds but they are both triggered in the same manner and so the player has to choose which round he would rather play. The choices are the Spiderman bonus which involves free spins and a multiplier or the Venom bonus which needs you, as Spiderman, to chase one of Spiderman’s arch enemies, Venom.

Marvel Jackpots
As the Spiderman slots are based on a character from Marvel comics, they have joined with other marvel themed slot machines to form shared progressive jackpots. These four progressive jackpots are paid into by Spiderman slots and the other Marvel inspired slots. By sharing these jackpots, the jackpots can be replenished quicker and can also afford to give higher payouts. As all these slots pay into the jackpots and so the jackpots can be won from any of them, including the Spiderman slots, via a special jackpot bonus round that is randomly allotted to all these slots.
Although the Spiderman slots would undoubtedly be popular even without the Marvel Jackpots, the Marvel jackpots help make the Spiderman slots one of the most popular slots today.

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