Spiderman Slots Provide an Exciting Chase

In one of the two bonus rounds on these slot machines, you can take part in an exciting chase through the streets, to hopefully catch one villain and spot many others. The two bonus rounds on the Spiderman slots are triggered in the same way and so obviously triggered at the same time, meaning that […]

Enjoy a Swinging Experience on these Slots

In one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines, you have to swing through the streets like Spiderman. There are 2 bonus rounds on the Spiderman slots but it is only in one of them that you have to aspire to being Spiderman and swing through the streets. The 2 bonus rounds are called […]

Choose a Bonus Round on these Slots

These slot machines are perhaps unique in so far as you can choose which bonus round to play. The Spiderman slots have two bonus rounds that can be triggered but although that may not be unique, the fact that they are both triggered at the same time and in the same way maybe. The two […]

Unique Bonus Options on these Slots

Somewhat uniquely, the bonus rounds on these slots are triggered in the same manner which means that each time that they are triggered, you get a choice of which one you would prefer to play at that time and whilst they are both vastly different in the way that they are played, they can both […]

Spot Villains on the Street on these Slots

During one of the bonus rounds on these slots you will be swinging through the streets as Spiderman and whilst you are doing this, if you spot some villains on the streets, you will be awarded some extra bonuses. On the Spiderman slots there are two bonus rounds, the Spiderman bonus round and the Venom […]

Join a Franchise on these Slots

All slot machines today that were inspired by characters that appeared in the Marvel comics, are automatically made part of a marvel franchise that share four progressive jackpots. As the Spiderman slots are themed and inspired by the character Spiderman that appeared in Marvel comics, these slots are part of the franchise and also have […]

Share in the Franchise on these Slots

All the slot machines which, like these, are themed on characters that first appeared in Marvel comics are part of a franchise and as such, share four progressive jackpots. This means that the Spiderman slots and all the others pay into the jackpots, making them reach high pay out levels. All the slots have to […]

A Choice of Bonus Rounds on these Slots

Unusually, whenever you get three or more of the scatter symbols on these slot machines, you get a choice of which bonus round you would like to play. On the Spiderman slots, the choice of bonus rounds is between the Venom bonus round and the Spiderman bonus round. The Venom bonus round involves you, as […]

Spiderman Slots have an Exciting Chase

These slot machines, during one of the bonus rounds, have an exciting chase that you have to carry out. There are two bonus rounds on the Spiderman slots and one of them involves you, as Spiderman, to swing through the streets both left and right, chasing after the notorious Venom, Spiderman’s arch enemy. During the chase […]

Spiderman Slots Include Venom

These slot machines are themed on the superhero Spiderman who having appeared in Marvel comics became the star of several Hollywood movies. From the days when he appeared in the comics, Venom was one of his arch enemies and so the Spiderman slots included him in the game. Choices These slot machines continuously offer you a […]