Spiderman Slots Provide an Exciting Chase

Posted on December 18, 2014

play Spiderman slot at Paddy PowerIn one of the two bonus rounds on these slot machines, you can take part in an exciting chase through the streets, to hopefully catch one villain and spot many others. The two bonus rounds on the Spiderman slots are triggered in the same way and so obviously triggered at the same time, meaning that you have to choose, each time that they are triggered, which one it is that you choose to play. One of the rounds is called the Spiderman bonus round and in this particular mode, you can play 15 free spins with any win obtained during those free spins, being paid double, providing that the wild symbol is part of that win. The other round is called the Venom bonus round, named after one of Spiderman’s arch enemies and it is in this round that you can get to partake in a chase through the streets. Playing the role of Spiderman, you swing through the streets chasing Venom and as you do so, you keep an eye out for other villains as they can earn you additional bonuses and also dead ends as entering one of those will bring a premature end to the game. If you are able to catch up to Venom, a mock fight will take place between the two of you. Your winnings in this round depend on how well your fight with Venom goes and also how many other villains you saw along the way.

Although these slot machines do not have a progressive jackpot of their own, they are part of a franchise that share in four progressive jackpots. This franchise is one that all the slot machines that feature characters from marvel comic are in. As the jackpots are shared they rise to some incredible heights very quickly. To ensure that all the participating slots get the opportunity to pay out these jackpots, a random system is used which nominates the next machine to win a jackpot. If you are lucky enough to be playing one of these slots when it is its turn to pay out the jackpot, any of the four are worth winning.

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