Share in the Franchise on these Slots

Posted on April 22, 2014

spiderman slotAll the slot machines which, like these, are themed on characters that first appeared in Marvel comics are part of a franchise and as such, share four progressive jackpots. This means that the Spiderman slots and all the others pay into the jackpots, making them reach high pay out levels. All the slots have to be able to pay out the jackpots though and so a special Marvel jackpots round was created. This special round allows for the jackpots to be randomly paid out by each machine evenly and if the round is allotted to the machine you are playing, you will have already won one of the jackpots and so just play the round to determine which one.

Being allotted the Marvel jackpots round though, is not the only way to win big on these machines. In regular play there are plenty of wins but in order for you to hopefully achieve more, there are wild symbols on reels 2 and 4, but these aren’t normal wild symbols, these are expanding wilds meaning that they can expand to cover the whole of a reel, which makes it hard not to win. Plus there are two bonus rounds which, apart from being very exciting, are also potentially high paying. One of the bonus rounds is called the Spiderman bonus round and in this round, first extra wilds are added to the 2nd and 4th reels and then 15 free spins are awarded. Unfortunately though, the expanding wilds feature doesn’t apply to this round but a doubling up o any wins does. The other bonus round, named after Spiderman’s arch enemy, is called the Venom bonus round and in this round, as Spiderman, you chase Venom through the streets and if you catch him, and beat him in a mock fight, your winnings can be big. If, whilst swinging through the streets in pursuit of Venom, you saw some other villains, you will receive some bonus payments. As both of these bonus rounds are triggered at the same time, it will be your decision which one you play each time they are triggered.

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