Enjoy a Swinging Experience on these Slots

Posted on October 19, 2014

spiderman slotIn one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines, you have to swing through the streets like Spiderman. There are 2 bonus rounds on the Spiderman slots but it is only in one of them that you have to aspire to being Spiderman and swing through the streets. The 2 bonus rounds are called the Spiderman bonus and the Venom bonus and of these it is the Venom bonus which will see you swinging through the streets. In this round you are to chase Venom and whilst you are doing so, if you see any other villains along the way, you will be paid additional bonuses. Obviously the objective of this round is to catch Venom but you won’t if you enter a dead end as that will bring an end to the round. If you manage to avoid any dead ends and catch up to Venom, the 2 of you participate in a mock fight which will determine the amount that you win in this round. The Spiderman bonus round is less physical but not less exciting as you are awarded 15 free spins. During the playing of these free spins, all wins are rippled and there should be plenty of them as extra wilds will have been added to the 2nd and 4th reels.

The 2 bonus rounds are both triggered when you get at least 3 of the scatter symbols appearing on the reels. This o course means that both the rounds are triggered simultaneously and so you have to choose which round to play each time that they are triggered, a choice of either swinging through the streets as Spiderman on a mission or standing back and enjoying the free spins.

As these slot machines are part of the Marvel franchise of slots, as with any of the slots in the franchise, there are 4 progressive marvel jackpots that can be won. These jackpots are paid via any o the franchise slots on a random basis and as they are shared jackpots, they pay-outs can be huge, yet still replenished quickly.

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