Win a Marvel Progressive Jackpot on this Slot

Posted on November 03, 2014

spiderman slotThis slot machine is themed on Spiderman, a superhero who before becoming a Hollywood star was a superhero on the pages of Marvel comics and so the slot is part of the Marvel franchise of slots that share 4 very high paying progressive jackpots. When you play Spiderman slot, it is possible to win one of these 4 jackpots but the win will be randomly allotted.

To win big on this slot machine though, you do not just have to sit idly by waiting to see if you get one of the jackpots, as there are also 2 exciting bonus rounds to be played and they too, can produce some very substantial wins. In a change from the traditional slot machines which may have more than one bonus round, each of which is triggered differently, the 2 bonus rounds on this slot machine are triggered in the same way, offering the player a choice of which one he plays each time that they trigger them.

One of the bonus rounds is called the Spiderman bonus and in this round you will receive 15 free spins. For the duration of the playing of these 15 free spins, there will be extra wilds, the Spiderman symbols, added to both reel 2 and to reel 4, hopefully ensuring that wins are frequent and when any of those wins does come, it will be valued at twice its usual pay-out.

The second of the bonus rounds is called the Venom round after one of Spiderman’s adversaries. In this round, if you choose to play it, you will have to assume the role of Spiderman and by swinging through the streets, try and catch Venom. If during the chase, you happen to notice any other villains, you will be awarded extra cash for each one spotted. Catching Venom results in a mock fight and it is the outcome of that fight which determines the pay-out amount. You may not catch Venom though, if during the chase you venture down a dead end street as that will end the round early.

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