Win a Fight to Win Most on these Slots

Posted on November 18, 2014

play spiderman slotIn one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines, the amount that you win will be determined on how well you do in a fight. When you play Spiderman slots there are two bonus rounds but only in one of them are your winnings determined by how well you fight.

These slots are themed on the Marvel comic’s superhero Spiderman who later became a Hollywood star. It is therefore understandable that it is his symbol on the reels that is the wild but apart from him having a symbol on the reels; he also has a bonus round named after him, as does one of his enemies, Venom. These two bonus rounds, unusually, are triggered in the same manner which of course means that they are triggered at the same time and as you cannot play two bonus rounds at once, every time that they are triggered, you have to opt for which one you want to play. It isn’t in the Spiderman bonus round where you have to fight to decide how much you win as this bonus round consists of 15 free spins. Whilst you are enjoying these free spins, there will be extra wilds added to reels 2 and 4 in order to increase the number of wins that you are able to get and that is made even better because every time you succeed in obtaining a win in this round, the win will be double. It is in Venom’s bonus round that you may have to fight. The round starts by you, as Spiderman, swing through the streets in pursuit of Venom. For each additional villain that you spot during this chase, you will earn an additional bonus to your final round amount which will be determined on how well you do in a mock fight with Venom if you catch him. There is a chance that you won’t catch him though as, if you inadvertently enter a dead end street during the chase, the bonus round will come to an abrupt end, possibly only leaving you with the additional bonuses for spotting extra villains.

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