Spot Villains on the Street on these Slots

Posted on June 11, 2014

play spiderman slotDuring one of the bonus rounds on these slots you will be swinging through the streets as Spiderman and whilst you are doing this, if you spot some villains on the streets, you will be awarded some extra bonuses. On the Spiderman slots there are two bonus rounds, the Spiderman bonus round and the Venom bonus round. The Spiderman bonus round adds extra wild symbols to two of the reels and then continues to offer 15 free spins. The second bonus round is called the Venom bonus round and it is in this round that you could gain extra bonuses for spotting the bad guys. Playing the role of Spiderman in this round, you have to swing through the streets chasing after Venom. Obviously whilst you do so you will also be looking out to win those extra bonuses for spotting the baddies but, you must also look out for dead ends as they can end the round early. The object in the Venom round is of course to catch Venom but the action doesn’t stop there if you do. Once you catch up to Venom a fight between the two of you starts and it is the outcome of that fight which will ultimately decide how much you will win for the round, plus the bonuses for spotting baddies of course.

These slots were inspired by the superhero Spiderman that appeared in Marvel comics before later becoming something of a Hollywood icon but it is his appearance in the comics that can make your playing of these machines very lucrative. All slot machines that have been inspired by characters from the Marvel comics are part of a Marvel slot franchise. This franchise requires that the slot machines share four progressive jackpots and as these jackpots are shared by so many slots, the pay outs reach some really high levels, more than they usually could from one single machine sponsoring them. Of course, all of the slots have to be able to pay out the jackpots, and they are and so when you play these slots, you could randomly receive a huge jackpot.

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