Unique Bonus Options on these Slots

Posted on July 21, 2014

spiderman slotsSomewhat uniquely, the bonus rounds on these slots are triggered in the same manner which means that each time that they are triggered, you get a choice of which one you would prefer to play at that time and whilst they are both vastly different in the way that they are played, they can both offer you some considerably generous wins. The two bonus rounds on the Spiderman slots, which are triggered together, are the Venom bonus round and the Spiderman bonus round.

The Spiderman is played in a familiar straight forward manner, you are awarded 15 free spins and any wins you manage to get during those spins, is paid out double. Venom is a long time arch enemy of Spiderman and in the Venom bonus round Spiderman is once again chasing this super villain. The round is far from the familiar bonus rounds as you have to play the role of Spiderman and do the chasing after of Venom. Along the way, whilst swinging through the streets, you may be able to pick up some extra bonus payments by spotting other villains on the streets but don’t lose sight of your objective as inadvertently entering a dead end street, will bring an end to the round. Your overall winnings for the round will be determined by how many villains you spotted, if you caught up with Venom and the result of the fight between you that took place on catching up to him. If you are a natural at swinging through the streets, you can win some big money in Venom’s bonus round but if you are more of a person that prefers to keep their feet on the ground don’t worry, you can still win big with the 15 free spins.

All the slot machines which have been themed on superheroes from Marvel comics, which these have, are part of a Marvel franchise and this franchise share four progressive jackpots. This means that at any time whilst you are playing one of these slot machines, you could be the recipient of a randomly allotted progressive jackpot.

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