A Villain can provide Wins on these Slots

Posted on April 12, 2014

spiderman slotsAlthough these slot machines are themed on the super hero character Spiderman, Venom, his arch enemy is also featured on the reels and in fact, even has his own bonus round. When you play Spiderman slots there are two bonus rounds, one named after Spiderman and one named after Venom and as they are both triggered at the same time, you get to choose which one you would prefer to play.

The Spiderman bonus round is one that has 15 free spins and will pay double for any wins you attain during those spins. To make this round even more potentially well paying, extra wild symbols are added to two of the reels, increasing your odds of finding a win.

The Venom bonus round is completely different but can still afford a good overall win. In this round you become Spiderman and have to chase Venom through the streets. As you swing to and fro from street to street, avoid dead ends as they can end the round but also watch out for other villains. If you spot other villains during your pursuit of Venom, extra bonus awards will be added to your final win for each. Your final payout in this round is determined by, the number of villains you saw plus the outcome of a mock fight between you and Venom which occurs as you catch up with him.

These slot machines also qualify to be randomly allotted the marvel jackpots round to be played on them. The marvel jackpots round is a round that determines which of four progressive jackpots you will win. These progressive jackpots are jackpots that are shared by all the slot machines which, like Spiderman Slots, have been inspired by super heroes that once appeared on the pages of the marvel comics. As these jackpots are shared, they are paid into by all the participating slots and so are well known for attaining payouts that are higher than most other regular jackpots and not only that but, again because they are paid into by multiple machines, they can be replenished quicker.

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