Swing for a Win on this Slot Machine

Posted on April 07, 2014

play spiderman slotAs this is a slot machine based on the superhero character Spiderman, in one of the bonus rounds you get the opportunity to swing through the streets in pursuit of a villain. When you play Spiderman slot, the villain you get to chase after through the streets is Spiderman’s arch enemy Venom. There are two bonus rounds on this slot machine and as they are both triggered in the way, you get to choose which of them you would like to play at that time. It is one of these rounds, the Venom bonus round, which affords you the opportunity to swing through the streets. If you choose this round, as you swing left to right, if you see any other villains you could win some extra bonuses but be careful, accidentally entering a dead end street will result in the round coming to an end. If you successfully avoid all the dead ends and eventually catch up with Venom, a fight between the two of you will ensue and it is the result of this mock fight which will decide your final win amount. The other bonus round you could choose to play, is the Spiderman bonus round. In this round you are awarded 15 free spins which although on their own could bring you some decent wins, to increase those numbers of wins, extra wilds are added to reels 2 and 4, plus each of the wins will be doubled, certainly making it a potentially high paying bonus round.

Spiderman is a fictional character that was originally introduced to the public through the pages of marvel comics and then later became even more famous as the character was the featured in Hollywood movies. It is his appearance in marvel comics though, that allows this slot machine to join other slots inspired by the comics, to share in four high paying progressive marvel jackpots. As these jackpots are shared they can grow to higher payouts than most other jackpots and so any slot machine that qualifies to pay out any of the jackpots, is met with instant popularity.

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