Fighting Crime with Spiderman Slot

Posted on October 09, 2013

spiderman slotSpiderman is a character that was created by Marvel comics, who after having been bitten by a spider and receiving some its powers like exceptional strength and the ability to form a super strong and sticky web, turned to using his powers to fight crime. Later this same character was taken up by Hollywood who created some popular movies featuring him and now there is the Spiderman slot, which of course is also themed on this crime fighting character.

Venom is a master criminal and an arch enemy of Spiderman and as such he also plays a role on Spiderman Slot, in fact when you reach the bonus rounds feature, you can the opportunity to play his bonus round as opposed to Spiderman’s.

There are two bonus rounds on the Spiderman Slot and they are both triggered in the same way and so once triggered, you get to choose which one that you want to play. First there is the Spiderman bonus round and this round consists of 15 free spins and all wins paying double. The other bonus round, which you are offered to play on Spiderman Slot, is the Venom round and in this round you play the part of Spiderman and using his unique powers, you chase Venom through the streets. If during you pursuit, you see other villains, you will be awarded wins for each one until you eventually catch up with Venom and get awarded another win of which the size will depend on the outcome of a mock fight between the two of you. When you play Spiderman Slot in this bonus round it could come to a premature end if you unwittingly, during the chase, enter a dead end street.

There are several slot machines apart from Spiderman Slot that have used characters from Marvel comics to base their machines on and these machines now share progressive jackpots. This means that when you play Spiderman Slot, you may get to play a randomly allocated jackpot round for one of these four shared progressive jackpots.

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