Play Spiderman Slot and bring Justice to the Streets

Posted on October 04, 2013

play spiderman slotWhen you play this slot you are given a unique opportunity to bring justice to the streets of the city. In one of the bonus rounds that you have a choice of playing when you play Spiderman slot, as Spiderman you are chasing Venom, your arch enemy through the streets. As you swing on your web, left and right through the streets, if you see any villains, you will be rewarded. Obviously the objective of this bonus round is to catch Venom and when and if you do, your reward will depend on how well you fare in the mock fight that then takes place.

Spiderman Slot is based on the superhero character Spiderman who after first appearing in Marvel comics later became even more famous by appearing in Hollywood movies. This hero apparently accidently got bitten by a spider that was undergoing lab experiments and some of the spiders powers were transferred to him. After this accident, he gained exceptional strength and had the ability to produce a strong web from which, having shot out from his hand, he could use to swing through the streets. This is undoubtedly an exciting slot that will be apparent from the moment you start to play Spiderman Slot. This excitement is sustained by there being two bonus rounds available.

Bonus Rounds
When you play Spiderman Slot, there is a major difference from when you play other slots. When you play Spiderman Slot, although there are two bonus rounds, they are triggered at the same time offering you a choice of which one to play. One of the choices is the Venom bonus round where you chase Venom through the streets as explained above and the other bonus round that you are offered instead consists of 15 free spins with all wins being doubled.

As Spiderman appeared in Marvel comics and all Marvel comic inspired slots share four progressive jackpots, when you play Spiderman Slot you may randomly be awarded entry into the Marvel jackpot round, which offers you the opportunity to win one of these four progressive jackpots.

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