Find the Villains on Spiderman Slot

Posted on April 23, 2013

spiderman slotSwinging Through the Streets
In this game you can find yourself swinging through the streets of the city looking for villains. On one of the bonus rounds on the Spiderman slot, you join Spiderman on his search for the criminal elements and get rewarded for any that you find. You have to watch where you go though, as by entering a street that has a dead end; will also bring this round to a dead end.

Spiderman slot is the latest of a range of slot machines that have been inspired by characters from movies that had first appeared on the pages of Marvel comics. All of these slots that were inspired by the comic have a unique feature that makes them popular; they are all combined to four progressive jackpots, which means that any one of the combined jackpots can be won from any of the themed slots at any time.

Spiderman Slot
To help you feel the thrill and excitement of assisting Spiderman, the reels on the Spiderman slot are filled with characters from the comic: there is Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Spiderman himself and even the guest villain, Venom.

The game itself consists of 5 reels affording you the chance to bet on as many as 25 different lines at a time. It does of course have symbols that are delegated as being wilds and scatters like any other slot but unlike many other slots, Spiderman slot has an astounding three bonus rounds.

Two of the bonus rounds on Spiderman slots have previously been mentioned, one where you hunt for villains, and a second where you could win one of the enormous Marvel progressives. The third offers the opportunity to win big with the forever popular free spins.

In this, the third of the bonus rounds offered by Spiderman slot, you are awarded 15 free spins but in order for your chances of winning big be increased; extra wilds are put into play so you can achieve more wins, the wins though are also doubled ensuring that all the wins you make, are worthy of collecting.

When you play Spiderman slot, it is as if you are wearing a web: a web that attracts and sticks to winnings, making your game time even more enjoyable.