Get Bitten by the Bug when you Play Spiderman Slots

Posted on April 26, 2013

According to Marvel comics and the Spiderman movies, Spiderman was bitten by a spider which sent venom streaming through his body, empowering him with the unique powers of this eight legged creature. When you play Spiderman slots it won’t be venom that streams through your veins, it will be excitement.

The excitement generated from this amazingly popular character, on which the games are based, combined with the excitement of the slots themselves is almost contagious. When you play Spiderman slots you are taken to the secret life of Peter Parker and join him on some of his thrilling escapades of chasing down the super villains.

To take you to this mood of super crime fighter, the reels are full of famous characters from both the comics and the movies and unlike Spiderman who seems to get no profit from his work, when you play Spiderman slots, thanks to some generous bonus rounds, the rewards to you can be enormous.

Marvel Comics
This is just one of several slots that have been themed on characters first introduced by Marvel comics and then perhaps immortalized by the silver screen. All these Marvel inspired slots have become popular and one of the reasons for this is that, all the Marvel inspired slots enjoy sharing progressive jackpots, meaning that for these the payout limits on the jackpots are not confined to the playing of just one machine, the winnings can therefore be far greater than other slots.

When you play Spiderman slots these progressives are just one opportunity you have to win big, there are several others. Play Spiderman slots and you have the opportunity to enter into several bonus rounds. In the first of these bonus rounds, you find yourself swinging through the city looking for the villains. Swing from street to street in your search, being rewarded for any that you find. This bonus round will only end when you, inadvertently swing, into a dead end.
A second bonus round awards you with 15 free spins but in this round your winnings can be high because not only are any wins doubled but extra wilds are also in play to assist you.

The third of the bonus rounds available when you play Spiderman slots, takes you to the chance of winning one of the four Marvel progressive jackpots.