Find Venom on Spiderman Slots

Posted on May 08, 2013

spiderman slotsVenom is a super villain featured in Marvel comics and he is hiding out in one of the streets in the city. Naturally, the game developers have used this iconic character in one of the features available on Spiderman slots. You will receive payment for any other villains you may find on your way but Venom is your ultimate goal for a bigger reward. There are many streets to search and as you go left or right, choose carefully as entering a dead end will also end your search.

This is just one of two bonus rounds that you get a choice of when you receive 3 Spiderman symbols in a row on your Spiderman slots. The other bonus round, called the Spiderman bonus, awards you 15 free plays and any wins received on those free plays will be doubled but to make it more tempting an extra couple of wilds are added too.

So, the Spiderman slots offer you a choice between a chase and free plays. Either one can see you winning big but not as big as you could if you are fortunate enough to get to play, the randomly allocated Marvel Progressive bonus.

Several participating slots based on Marvel comic heroes, which Spiderman slots is, have come together to pay into four progressive jackpots. This allows the jackpots to rise quickly and also to give higher payouts, winnable from any of the participating slots.

The four Marvel jackpots are progressive and can be played for on any of the Marvel slots, including Spiderman slots. At any time during regular play, a special Marvel jackpot board may appear. This board contains 20 squares and you select squares one at a time. When you click on three squares containing the same jackpot then that is the jackpot that you win.

So Spiderman slots can give you an invigorating chase through the streets, an amazing 15 free spins round or incredibly high jackpot wins. It no longer seems a mystery as to why Spiderman slots are some of the more popular slots around.