Swing into action when you play Spiderman slot

Posted on May 13, 2013

play spiderman slotIn one of the bonus rounds on this game, you get to be Spiderman swinging through the streets looking for the super villain ‘Venom’ but on your way you receive wins for any bad guys you may come across. Be careful though because when you play Spiderman slot and reach this round, the round suddenly ends if you swing into a dead end street.

Another bonus round available when you play Spiderman slot is the ‘Spiderman’ round and in this round you are given 15 free spins, with a multiplier of x 2 plus a couple of extra wilds.

When you play Spiderman slot and receive 3 scatter symbols in a line, you will be afforded the opportunity to choose to play either the ‘Venom” feature round or the ‘Spiderman’ feature round, so pick which ever you feel luckiest with.

The Spiderman slot is a very popular video slot machine and is the latest in a series of slots that have been based on Marvel comic Super heroes. This particular slot is based on both the comic and a later released set of movies but sticks more to the storyline of the comic than any of the movies. The 5 reels feature symbols of the familiar sights from Spiderman stories; there is Mary Jane, Peter Parker, his camera, venom and of course Spiderman himself, who all vie to come together on any of 25 winning lines.

Marvel Bonus
Although this is an exciting game on its own, when you play Spiderman slot you are eligible to win any of the Marvel progressive jackpots and it has to be said that that, may lead to some of the Spiderman slot popularity. The Marvel jackpots are jackpots that all the slots based on Marvel comic heroes, pay into. Because of the number of different slots involved, the jackpots progressively go higher and quicker than standard slots. Just as any of the Marvel slots contribute to the jackpots, any of the jackpots can randomly be played for on any of the Marvel slots, including when you play Spiderman slots.