Marvel at the Spiderman Slot

Posted on June 03, 2013

spiderman slotOnce again we have another slot machine based on a super hero, first introduced via Marvel comics. This time it is the Spiderman slot and just like the ones before it, it is proving very popular. One of the reasons for this popularity is the Marvel jackpots. Most of the modern slot machines based on super heroes from Marvel, are joined together in presenting players with a very high paying progress jackpots or rather jackpots.

When any of the Marvel slots are played, a small percentage goes towards a set of progressive jackpots that can be won by any one of the participating slot machines, one of which is the Spiderman Slot. This means that progressive jackpots can be offered that are far higher paying than any single slot can attain on its own. This obviously, with the opportunity to win a jackpot far bigger than its solo potential, draws players to it like flies to a web.

Bonus Rounds
Although when you play Spiderman Slot you are capable of winning a jackpot that higher than any other slot, the winning opportunities do not stop there. The Spiderman Slot also offers two separate bonus rounds and in fact it is probably unique in offering you the choice of which bonus round you would prefer.

When you receive three scatters running left to right on one of your winning lines, you are welcome to join one of the two bonus rounds, whichever one you would prefer. In on bonus round on the Spiderman Slot, you are chasing Venom through the streets but will pick up wins for any crooks you encounter on your way. Catch Venom though, before you come to a dead end that will end the round, and you will receive great rewards. When you play Spiderman Slot the second choice of bonus rounds consists of 15 free spins during which time, not only are there extra wilds added but also any win during the round will pay double.

Although when you play Spiderman Slot, you will be well pleased with the level of excitement provided, you may also go home with a very substantial win.