Play Spiderman Slots and Choose your Bonus

Posted on June 10, 2013

spiderman slotsOn this slot there are two popular bonus rounds, however as they are both achieved by getting 3 or more Spiderman Scatter symbols, left to right, on a winning line, you get to choose which of the bonus rounds you wish to play. When you play Spiderman slots, it is perhaps this choice of bonus rounds that makes the game so popular. Although it could also be that when you play Spiderman slots, you are also eligible to win the Marvel progressive jackpots.

Marvel Comics
Marvel comics introduced many super heroes to the public and now many of them, have not only been portrayed via the means of the movie screen but now slot machines are being based on these popular super heroes as well; Spiderman is one of those slots.

Marvel comic super heroes make good themes for slots as they are exciting, suspenseful and fun, so as an added bonus, most slot machines based on Marvel comic super heroes have been linked together for purposes of progressive jackpots. This means that all the machines put into the progressives, making them far larger, yet any slot including when you play Spiderman slots can receive the full payout.

Spiderman Slots
As we have said, Spiderman slots are based on the super hero and so the symbols on the reels reflect this, as do the bonus rounds. When you play Spiderman slots, one of the bonus rounds you have a choice of, has you swinging through the streets of Gotham and going left or right, you get wins for any criminals you may find. To receive the highest win you must find the super villain but you must achieve this without going down any dead end roads, because doing so will end the round. In the second of the choices of bonus rounds when you play Spiderman slots, you are awarded 15 free spins with any win paying double but in order for you to receive even more wins than would be normal, you have extra wilds added to the reels.

This all means that when you play Spiderman slots and achieve a bonus round, either one will pay well and so it really is a personal choice.