Play Spiderman Slot and Feel the Bite

Posted on September 24, 2013

spiderman slotsApparently, according to the Spiderman movie and Marvel comics, Spiderman was bitten by a spider that was being experimented on in a laboratory, which caused him to acquire many of the powers endowed to a spider such as strength and the ability to make a strong web. Although you won’t actually have to get bitten by a Spider, when you play Spiderman slot you can get to feel what having those powers feels like, during one of the bonus rounds at least.

Bonus Rounds
When you play Spiderman Slot there are two bonus rounds that are available but as a step away from the usual, they are both triggered in the same way, allowing you a choice as to which one you would prefer to play and although they are both potentially high paying, they are themselves completely different. You will see that the bonus rounds are called the Spiderman bonus and the Venom bonus. The Spiderman bonus round has 15 free spins and as a possible additional boost allows wins using wilds to be paid double. It is during the Venom bonus round though, that you get a taste of what it is like to be Spiderman.

In this bonus round you are Spiderman swinging through the streets in chase of Venom. Swinging left and right and entering alleys in your pursuit, if you see any crooks you will be rewarded with a win and keep being so until you finally catch up with Venom. If though you enter a dead end though, the round will be over.

As Spiderman once appeared in Marvel comics, it is possible for you, when you play Spiderman Slot, to be awarded entry into a special Marvel comic jackpot round. This is a round where you can play to decide which of four progressive jackpots you have won. These four jackpots are shared between all the slot machines that are based on Marvel heroes and so the jackpot round can be randomly awarded to anyone playing any of these Marvel machines.

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