Help Fight Crime on Spiderman Slots

Posted on September 24, 2013

spiderman slotOn these slot machines you will be given a chance to look for villains and get rewarded for each one you find. In one of the bonus rounds that you are offered on Spiderman slots, you become Spiderman and chase your arch enemy Venom through the streets. During your chase, if you come across any other villains on the streets, you will be rewarded with a win for each one you find.

There are two bonus rounds on the Spiderman slots but they are both triggered at the same time and so you have to choose which one you would rather play, the Venom bonus round or the Spiderman bonus round. The Venom bonus round on the Spiderman slots is as described above and the round comes to an end when you have caught Venom and partaken in a mock fight with him, that is the full round anyway but it could be cut short. If during your chase of Venom, whilst swinging from left to right entering new streets, al ways on the lookout for more villains, you should inadvertently enter a dead end, the Spiderman slots will end the bonus round immediately, leaving you just with whatever you had earned for finding extra villains.

The Spiderman bonus round on the Spiderman slots though, is not so energetic; it consists of 15 free spins with all wins being doubled.

Jackpot Round
Spiderman, on who the Spiderman slots are themed, was a hero in Marvel comics long before he made his Hollywood debut and because of that, the Spiderman slots are allowed to join other Marvel inspired slot machines, in sharing four progressive jackpots. These jackpots can be won via a special Marvel jackpot round which is randomly allotted to be played on any of the Marvel themed slots. This means that when you are playing Spiderman slots you could randomly be awarded entry into this jackpot round and if you are, you will be presented with a board containing 20 squares. Behind each square is the name of one of the four jackpots available. You are to select the squares one by one to reveal the jackpot that is behind them. The Spiderman slots will pay you for the first jackpot to be revealed three times.

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