Play Spiderman Slot with a Choice of Bonus

Posted on December 03, 2013

spiderman slotsSome what uniquely with this slot machine, you are offered a choice as to which bonus round you would like to play. When you play Spiderman slot there are two bonus rounds triggered in the same way and so you are given the choice as to which one you want to play at that time.

Spiderman is an exciting character who has appeared as a superhero in Marvel comics and Hollywood movies and often in these appearances he is fighting Venom, one of his arch enemies and a super villain. So, the choices of bonus rounds, as the slot is based on this exciting character, are the Spiderman Bonus or the Venom Bonus, both of which are exciting and potentially lucrative but each in their own way. The Venom Bonus round features Venom being chased through the streets by Spiderman who can gain extra wins for any other villains that he may see during the chase. Ultimately though, the main win comes when Spiderman catches Venom, however if he enters a dead end accidentally, then the round will be over without Venom being caught. This is an especially exciting bonus round as the player has to control Spiderman’s swinging through the streets and turning left or right as they see fit, of course though there is the possibility of entering that dead end and not winning the full potential. The Spiderman bonus B round is possibly more certain of providing a win but perhaps less exciting as the round consists of 15 free spins. The chances of winning during these free spins is boosted though by there being extra wilds added to reels 2 and 4 before the spins commence.

Marvel Jackpots
Another attraction of the Spiderman Slot is the fact that as a Marvel inspired slot machine, it is part of the franchise of Marvel slots that share four progressive jackpots. As these jackpots are shared they are usually higher paying than most other jackpots and are available to be won on any of the Marvel slots via a special Marvel jackpots bonus round that is randomly awarded.

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