Spiderman Slot has Marvel Jackpots

Posted on December 08, 2013

spiderman slotAll the modern slot machines that were inspired by characters that appeared in Marvel comics, share some jackpots. There are four progressive jackpots in all that are shared by these Marvel slot machines and any of them can be won by any of the participating slots, including Spiderman slot.

Spiderman Slot was based on the character Spiderman who had appeared in Marvel comics and more recently has also been the hero of a couple of Hollywood movies but his appearance e in Marvel allows the machine to offer the chance to win one of the four progressive jackpots. At anytime whilst playing the slot, you can randomly be awarded access to the Marvel jackpot round from which the jackpots are paid out and once you have been awarded to play this round it will only be to determine which of the jackpots you have won, your assurance of one of them is already there.

Obviously with the possibility of winning one of possibly four of the highest paying jackpots available on slot machines, the Spiderman Slot is very popular but its popularity is not because of the jackpots alone. This slot has a very exciting theme and some good paying bonus rounds that would have ensured its popularity without the Marvel jackpots.

There are two bonus rounds on this slot machine but in a somewhat unusual fashion, both bonus rounds are triggered in the same manner and so you are presented with a choice as to which one you would prefer to play. The choices are either the Spiderman Bonus or the Venom Bonus. The Spiderman bonus round consists of 15 free spins but not before extra wild symbols have been added to reels 2 and 4. Venom is Spiderman’s arch enemy and his bonus round consists of you, as Spiderman, swinging through the streets in pursuit of Venom. During this exciting chase you can earn extra wins for any bad guys you may see on the way. However to earn the full win you must catch Venom and so be sure not to enter a dead end as this will bring a premature end to the round.

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