Play Spiderman Slots and Chase Venom

Posted on September 14, 2013

spiderman slotsWhen you play these slot machines that are based on the superhero Spiderman, during one of the bonus rounds you are required to chase Venom, an evil criminal and Spiderman’s arch enemy. If you play Spiderman slots and opt to make this chase, you will, through the use of some excellent graphics, seemingly be given Spiderman’s powers so that you can swing through the streets chasing down Venom. Whilst doing this and going left and right through the streets, you see some other villains going about their business, you will be awarded extra wins for each of them. When you play Spiderman slots though, the object of the round is to catch Venom and so by doing that will bring you the biggest win. However, whilst swinging left and right you should accidently swing in to a dead end, Venom will get away as the dead end will bring an abrupt end to your chase and the round.

I said if you should opt for this round when you play Spiderman slots because if you would rather not take part in the chase, you don’t have to. There are two bonus rounds when you play Spiderman slots and they are both triggered in the same manner, allowing you a choice as to which one you opt for. The second choice of bonus round at this point is a round of 15 free spins after some extra wilds have been added to the reels.

Everybody likes to win a jackpot especially if it is a high paying progressive jackpot and when you play Spiderman slots you certainly do have a chance of doing that. Because if several machines get together to share jackpots, the jackpots can become higher and also be re-built quicker, all the slot machines that are based on characters from marvel comics share four progressive jackpots. As all these slots pay into the jackpots, the jackpots can be won from a special bonus round that is randomly allotted to any of the machines, which means that when you play Spiderman slots you could well be the recipient of one of these very lucrative jackpots.

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