Play Spiderman Slot and Swing into Action

Posted on September 09, 2013

play spiderman slotOne of the bonus rounds on this slot machine will see you swinging through the streets as Spiderman. When you play Spiderman slot there are two bonus rounds available and in one of them you are Spiderman, swinging through the streets chasing the super villain Venom.

In a somewhat unique feature for a slot machine, although there are two bonus rounds available, they are both triggered in the same way and so you are allowed to choose the one which you would prefer to play. The first of the choices is the “Venom” round and it is this one where you swing through the streets after your opponent. If all goes well, you will catch your opponent and in doing so you would have seen other villains along the way. Each villain that you saw on the streets during your chase will have awarded you wins and then you get another win for catching “Venom”. Unfortunately though when you play Spiderman Slot, there could be one disappointment and that occurs if, during your chase you happened to swing into a dead end, as that triggers an early end to the round.

The other choice of bonus round, when you play Spiderman Slot is the Spiderman bonus round and consists of extra wilds being added to the reels and you then getting 15 free spins.

Spiderman Slot
When you play Spiderman Slot you will see that it has been based on the Spiderman character that has been the theme for both movies and episodes within the Marvel comics.

The Spiderman character provides excitement and drama, making him perhaps ideal for basing a slot machine on, which is apparent from the amount of popularity has slot has generated since its release. Some of that popularity though, may be due to the fact that when you play Spiderman Slot you could find yourself in a jackpot round. The Spiderman Slot unites with other Marvel character based slots to share in progressive jackpots and so when you play Spiderman Slot, you are qualified to be randomly awarded entry into the Marvel progressive jackpot round where you could win one of the four progressive jackpots available.

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