Play Spiderman Slots but Don’t Hit a Dead End

Posted on September 04, 2013

play spiderman slotIn one of the bonus rounds on these slot machines the round could come to a pre-mature end by, as you are swinging through the streets, you inadvertently come to a dead end. When you play Spiderman slots you will receive a choice of two bonus rounds to play. One of these bonus rounds involves you swinging through the streets, as Spiderman, in chase of a villain known as Venom. If though whilst swinging in and out of streets you swing into a dead end, the round will immediately end. The good news is though, as you were swinging through the streets and you came across some other villains, you would have been awarded wins for them and you get to keep those.

When you play Spiderman slots, the other choice of bonus round consists of 15 free spins and a multiplier of 2 but these spins only start after extra wilds have been added to some of the reels.
There is another bonus round when you play Spiderman slots and get Spiderman symbols on reels 2 and 4. This isn’t really a round but more of a feature. First you are paid for any winning combinations that you may already have on the reels. Once you have been paid for that, all the symbols on the center reel are changed to wilds and of course you are also paid for any extra wins that this may afford.

Spiderman is a fictional super hero who became famous after movies were made about him, however he did first appear in Marvel comics. As Spiderman was in Marvel comics, when you play Spiderman slots you may be randomly afforded entry into a Marvel comic progressive jackpot round. This is a round where you play for one of four progressive jackpots that are shared by all the slot machines that have, as their themes, superheroes from Marvel comics.

If when you play Spiderman slots, you gain entry to this round, you will be shown 20 squares and each square is hiding the name of one of the four jackpots. Select one square at a time to reveal its jackpot. When you play Spiderman slots, you will be awarded the first jackpot that has its name revealed three times.

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