Play Spiderman Slots and Choose Your Bonus Round

Posted on January 02, 2014

spiderman slotsOn these slot machines there are two bonus rounds but unlike most slot machines where you reach one bonus round at a time, with these slots you reach both the bonus rounds at the same time. This means that when you play Spiderman slots, you get to choose which of the two bonus rounds you would like to play.

The two choices of bonus round are between the Venom round and the Spiderman round. Choosing the Spiderman round will afford you 15 free spins with a multiplier of x 2, however there would have been extra wilds added to some of the reels before the free spins actually start to play. The Venom round though, is not so straight forward. In the Venom round you are Spiderman and so you have to chase Venom through the streets, swinging to and thro as you do. In doing so though, there are two things that you should remember. First thing to remember is that if you enter a dead end street, the round will be over, so swing carefully. The second thing is that if you spot any other villains on your travels, you will be awarded extra wins. If all goes well on this bonus round, you would not have entered a dead end street, spotted some villains along the way and caught up with Venom and that will have earned you the most from the round.

Marvel Comics
There are several machines, like Spiderman Slots, that have been themed on characters that appeared in Marvel comics and all those slots that have, have banded together in order to share four progressive jackpots. By joining together, these jackpots can attain higher levels of payout than most other jackpots, plus they are replenished quicker. The distribution of which slot pays out the jackpots is decided by way of a special Marvel jackpots round that can be randomly allotted to be played on any of the Marvel slots at any time. Once a machine has been randomly selected to be allotted the round, that machine plays its own round to determine which jackpot is to be paid.

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