Spiderman Slots Feature the Marvel Superhero

Posted on January 07, 2014

spiderman slotSpiderman is a superhero character that first appeared in Marvel comics but later found even more fame as the main character for some Hollywood blockbuster movies. Wherever it is that Spiderman appears, often Venom, a super villain and arch enemy of his, is often also present and that is the case with the Spiderman slots which are based on this superhero.

Bonus Rounds
It may not be unusual for slot machines to have more than one bonus round but with these slot machines the unusual thing is that it has two which are both triggered in the same way. This means that unlike with other slot machines, you actually get to choose which bonus round you would prefer to play.

The two choices of bonus round that you have are the Spiderman bonus or the Venom bonus and although they are both potentially high paying, they are very different in how you earn those winnings. With the Spiderman bonus you are awarded 15 free spins during which time any wins received will be doubled. To make this particular bonus round a little bit more alluring, extra wilds are added to the reel s for the playing of the round. The Venom bonus on the other hand, has no free spins; instead you play the role of Spiderman and have to swing through the streets in pursuit of Venom. In this round you can pick up some extra wins if you spot any other villains during the chase but be careful as, if you accidentally enter a dead end, the round will also end. The objective of the round and in order for you to get the full winnings for it is for you to catch Venom.

Marvel Round
As Spiderman appeared in Marvel comics, these slot machines are part of the Marvel franchise of slot machines that share four progressive jackpots. This means that at any time whilst you are playing them, you could be awarded the randomly allotted special Marvel jackpots bonus round. If you are allotted this round, you will have already won one of the four progressives but play the round to find out which one.

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