Play Spiderman Slots and Swing through the Streets

Posted on July 20, 2013

spiderman slotSpiderman is a fictional character who possesses some of the qualities of a spider, enabling him to shoot out strong, sticky, web like material from his hands which attaches to almost anything allowing him to swing through the streets of any city. When you play Spiderman slots, which are based on the character Spiderman, one of the bonus rounds available allows you to swing through the streets in pursuit of one of the super villains, Venom.

In another of the bonus rounds featured when you play Spiderman slots, you are allotted 15 free spins and a multiplier of X2.

Play Spiderman Slots
When you play Spiderman slots, as they are based on the fictional hero first appearing in Marvel comics and then in the movies, the symbols on the reels are either of characters from the tales or items from the movie, allowing you to get absorbed in the exciting experiences of a super hero.

To further add to this exciting experience, video clips from the movie are shown as you are playing the slot allowing you to be absorbed still further into the plot with its thrills and suspense.

Marvel Comics
Marvel comics were very popular and created a very wide variety of super heroes and super villains, all with exciting tales of their encounters. When you play Spiderman slots you may realize that they are not the only slots based on one of these Marvel created heroes, as a feature of the Spiderman slots is a shared set of jackpots. These progressive jackpots are shared between all of the slots based on Marvel heroes and as all the slots pay into the jackpots, all the slots offer the possibility of paying out the jackpots.

If you are fortunate enough, whilst you play Spiderman slots, to be randomly selected to play the jackpot bonus round then you will surely be thankful for this Marvel alliance.

When you play Spiderman slots and reach this stage, you will be shown 20 boxes from which you select one box at a time. When a box is selected it will reveal one of the Marvel jackpots, on selecting three of the same jackpots, it is that jackpot that you will receive and will undoubtedly marvel at.