Play Spiderman Slot and Meet Mary-Jane

Posted on July 12, 2013

spiderman slotPlaying this slot will re-introduce you, not only to Mary-Jane but also Spiderman himself as well as other characters from the box off ice hit movie Spiderman. As the slot’s theme is based on the Spiderman movie, when you play Spiderman slot you will see that the symbols on the reels depict characters or things from the movie and also include at least one of the villains, Venom.

Bonus Rounds
In a somewhat unique feature when you play Spiderman Slot, it caters to those that may perhaps have a hidden darker side. In order to do this they have two bonus rounds from which you can choose to play. You can either play a Spiderman feature round or for those with a hidden darker side; you can play a Venom feature round.

When you play Spiderman Slot and decide on the Venom feature round, you have to chase venom through the streets, swinging from left to right down lanes and alleys collecting consolation prizes for any bad guys you come across but if you enter a dead end then the round is over. However if you successfully catch up with him, then the payout will be dependent on the result of your mock fight.

The Spiderman feature round may not be quite so exciting but offers perhaps easier winnings as it is 15 free spins during which time any wins are doubled.

When you play Spiderman Slot, because Spiderman is one of the heroes that first appeared in Marvel comics, you are entitled to participate in the Marvel jackpots feature.

All the slot machines that have been based on Marvel comics have been joined together in participating in four Marvel progressive jackpots. This means that all the machines contribute towards the jackpots, making them able to be won more regularly and also allowing them to build up higher. Of course as all the participating slots pay in to the jackpots, they can also be won on any of the slots, including when you play Spiderman Slot.

With the excitement always associated with modern slots being added to by the choice of two thrilling bonus rounds and the suspense of possibly getting a Marvel jackpot, when you play Spiderman Slot, you are promised an entertaining experience.