A Web of Jackpots on Spiderman Slots

Posted on July 05, 2013

spiderman slotSeveral slot machines have now been based on heroes from the Marvel comics. All these Marvel based slot machines, like the Spiderman slots, are joined together in a kind of web to combine and share some progressive jackpots. All the Marvel slots pay into the progressive jackpots and then any of the four jackpots can be won from any of the participating slots, randomly at any time. This enables, not only the jackpots to won more frequently but also allows for them to get higher than they could if sponsored by just one machine. This unique web of jackpots helps to make the Spiderman slots and others popular with slot enthusiasts who prefer to go for the big wins rather than lots of small ones.

Bonus Rounds
It is not just the possibility of winning a jackpot that makes the Spiderman slots popular though; there are also the exciting bonus rounds. In another possibly unique feature, the Spiderman slots allow you to choose between which of two bonus rounds you would like to play. In one of the bonus rounds you can opt for, you will chase the bad guy, Venom, through the streets of the city swinging from one side to the other to follow him down different lanes and any time you come across a villain, you will be awarded a win. If you finally catch him, there will be a mock fight and the size of your reward will depend on how well you do in the fight.

The second choice of bonus round on the Spiderman Slots consists of 15 free spins with all wins doubled. This bonus round also features an extra wilds being placed on the reels in order to facilitate more wins.

Spiderman Slots
The Spiderman slots are based on the popular Marvel comic hero and they have managed to capture some of the excitement that is associated with this fictional character. This excitement has been achieved by having symbols on the reels depicting characters from the stories and video clips showing some of the more exciting moments from the hit movie.