The Spiderman Slot has Venom

Posted on June 28, 2013

spiderman slotsSpiderman is a fictitious super hero first introduced to the public through the pages of the Marvel comics and then perhaps immortalized via the silver screen and Hollywood. The Spiderman slot is based on this hero and also features his arch enemy Venom.

Both these characters are represented by symbols on the reels, along with Peter Parker’s camera, Aunt May and Mary Jane. These symbols along with some help from video clips transfer you to a world where good and evil are always plying for rule of the city and when you reach the bonus round on the Spiderman Slot, you can decide on whose side you wish to be.

Bonus Rounds
If you get 3 scatter symbols from left to right on the reels of the Spiderman Slot, you are presented with a choice of two rounds from which to play.

If you choose the ‘venom’ round then you have to chase Venom through the city, swinging left or right to go down the streets and if you catch him your winnings will depend on how well you do in the mock fight. However, if you are not careful, this round can come to an abrupt halt. If during your chase, you inadvertently enter into a dead end, the round is over and Spiderman Slot will award you a consolation prize.

If on the other hand you choose the Spiderman round then you are awarded 15 free spins with all wins being doubled. Which ever bonus round you choose, you should be in for an entertaining and profitable treat.

Marvel Comic
There are now several slot machines that have based on heroes from the pages of Marvel comics and these slots have joined together in offering four progressive jackpots. This means that all the associated slots pay into the jackpots and any of the four jackpots can be won from any of the slots at any given time.

With the excitement that Spiderman always brings, linked to the great winning opportunities of the bonus rounds and progressive jackpots, Spiderman Slot has become one of the favorites amongst slot enthusiasts.