Spiderman Slot also Features Venom

Posted on November 18, 2013

spiderman slotsSpiderman is a fictional superhero who was introduced to the world through the pages of Marvel comics but later attained even more fame after Hollywood made a couple of movies about this fascinating character. Nearly every time that you see Spiderman you also see Venom, his arch enemy and this is the same on Spiderman slot. The excitement that Spiderman brings to the Spiderman slot machine is enhanced by the presence of Venom as between them they offer you two exciting bonus rounds from which you choose which one to play.

Spiderman slot
On the Spiderman slot there are two bonus rounds but as they are both triggered in the same manner, you have the choice of which one you would prefer to play. The first of these bonus rounds on the Spiderman slot is known as the Spiderman bonus and it has 15 free spins in which any wins are doubled. The second of the bonus rounds on the Spiderman slot is known as the Venom bonus and in this round you assume the character of Spiderman and chase Venom through the streets. As you swing through the streets you have to be aware of any dead ends as entering one will bring a premature end to the round. As you swing through the streets on the Spiderman slot, if you spot any other villains, the Spiderman slot will award you a win for each one. Assuming that you enter no dead ends, the round comes to an end when you catch Venom. At this point on the Spiderman slot, your winnings will be decided on how you fare in the mock fight that then takes place.

Marvel Jackpots
One other feature that brings further popularity to the Spiderman slot is its membership in the Marvel franchise. The Marvel franchise consists of a group of slot machines which, like Spiderman slot, were inspired by heroic characters in Marvel comics. All participating franchise slots share four progressive jackpots making them bigger and better jackpots than most other slots can offer. This is obviously a big boost to the popularity of Spiderman slot and the other franchise machines.

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