Spiderman Slots have Two Bonus Rounds

Posted on November 23, 2013

spiderman slotsBonus rounds on slot machines today are often themed on the same thing as the slot machines on what they are played. These bonus rounds are often exciting and usually give the player a better chance of winning or at least a better chance of winning higher prizes. On the Spiderman slots though, there are two bonus rounds and although this isn’t too uncommon, the fact that the machines give you the choice of which one you would prefer to play is. As both these bonus rounds are triggered in the same manner, each time they are triggered you get to choose which one it is that you would like to play.

The first choice is called the Spiderman Bonus and this round offers you 15 free spins with all wins being doubled. The second bonus round is called the Venom Bonus as in Marvel comics where Spiderman first appeared, Venom was his arch enemy and so it is only fitting that he also appear on the Spiderman slots. In this Venom bonus you play the role of Spiderman and chase Venom through the streets. As you swing from one street to another you must be careful not to enter a dead end as that will bring an end to the round. Assuming that you don’t enter any dead ends, the bonus round finishes when you finally catch Venom and after a mock fight you will be awarded your win. Whilst you were swinging through the streets in chase of Venom, if you saw any villains, you will also receive a win for each one that you saw.

Marvel Comics
As we said, before the character Spiderman became a big Hollywood star, he first appeared in Marvel comics which means that the Spiderman Slots could join other Marvel inspired slots in sharing special Marvel progressive jackpots. These Marvel progressive jackpots are randomly awarded to all of the Marvel inspired slots and so whilst you play Spiderman slots you could randomly be the winner of one of these very high paying Marvel progressive jackpots.

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