Spiderman Slots Provide a Choice of Bonus Rounds

Posted on November 03, 2013

spiderman slotIn a move that is somewhat unusual for a slot machine, these slots offer you a choice of which bonus rounds to play. When you trigger the bonus feature on Spiderman slots, two bonus rounds are available to play and so the choice is yours as to which one you choose.

One of the rounds is called the Spiderman bonus and this consists of 15 free spins with any wins attained during those free spins, paying double. On the Spiderman Slots, the second choice is not so simple. This option is called the Venom bonus and in this round you are Spiderman and have to chase Venom through the streets, swinging from one side of the street to the other. Accidently entering a dead end street though, will bring an early end to the round and so be careful. If during the chase, you see any villains, the Spiderman Slots will award you a win for each one. If you successfully catch Venom, a mock fight will ensue and your final win will be dependent on how well you fare in the fight.

Spiderman Slots
The Spiderman Slots are based on the character Spiderman who made his debut in Marvel comics but later went on to be a character featured in some Hollywood hit movies. Marvel comic heroes have turned out to be popular choices for basing thrilling slot machines on and there are now several machines inspired by these cartoon characters. Probably in order to gain even more popularity, these Marvel inspired slot machines came together to share four progressive jackpots and the reason why this was a popular move, is because as several machines pay into the same jackpots, those jackpots not only can have higher payouts but can also be replenished quicker.

These shared jackpots then, are won via a special Marvel jackpot round and to ensure all the machines get an equal chance to pay out a jackpot, the jackpot round is randomly awarded each machine which means that when you play Spiderman Slots, you could be the recipient of any one of these four high paying jackpots.

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